Focus Your Energies / by The Black Lex Luthor

Don’t create for anyone but yourself, for within yourself is the satisfaction you desire. How can one hope to please everyone? That's right! You can't. And since you can't, you shouldn't fret with people that don't understand your vision. Just ignore anything that isn't constructive. 

Be persistent and focus your energies on what you want to achieve. Splitting your mind amongst many different things will prevent you from mastery. Resistance will become your tomb. Resistance is a tomb, by the way.

On your epitaph is nothing you can ever read. So, die for yourself as well. Life is one shot. Don't get lost in the idea that you could die before you achieve anything of merit. Seems as if we are more enthralled by novelty, and less by actual skill. But God is interested in devotion. He wants to know if you'll honor the gift that was given to you, or will you squander it, wasted like orange juice on your kitchen floor.