The Stormlight Archive / by The Black Lex Luthor

I just got through reading The first 2 books of The Stormlight Archive. Was not disappointed! Superb storyline, very carefully crafted characters and epic scenery that just pulls you into the mythos of this fantasy world. It ignited my imagination in ways not felt since reading Dune. I'm itching for the sequel, Oathbringer, due out next year.

Most importantly it left me with some incredibly illuminating ideas about honor, brotherhood and even God. Also, what it means, as a man, to be broken, and how that shapes your decisions afterwards. Kaladin, one of the protagonists, has the most captivating backstory, in my opinion, having gone from being a surgeon's apprentice, to a soldier, to a slave and finding redemption while serving those that he had sworn to never trust again. 

Riveting. In so many ways Brandon Sanderson digs into the humanity of his characters, showing them weak and vulnerable and flawed. This, of course, granted them an inherent strength regarded in the pain they felt and experienced.  

In the next few days I will comment on some important revelations this work has granted me.