Mitigation of Creating / by The Black Lex Luthor

Disquiet looms in my being as I think of such glorious
possibilities of art and creation. Not because I'm overjoyed at
what I could create with these ideas of mine, but because of what
happens when I try. It's because of the feeling of worthlessness
that comes when a piece is created. The questions of its value
persist in my head, stark stabs in my psyche that cripple my
momentum. I'm stunned into inaction again.

Today I took a look at the works of James Rosenquist, a
revisitation of a trip made to the Grand Rapids art musuem. His
works, such as Rinsi and Strawberry Sunglasses, are remarkable
testaments to creation, but more importantly they are examples of
what I could do. Things that I should emulate. I like how he tends
to juxtapose several images that are seemingly unrelated, creating
a cohesive, fluid composition. 


I tend to get reflective in these moments, and I thought on what I
learned in High School from my art teacher, James Maguire. He is a
great artist and draftsman, and taught me how to really draw.
Later he gave me a foundation with the elements and principles of
design, which I continue to reference. 

So, if I can get even a smidgen of what I have learned into a
piece that is as powerful as Rosenquist's, maybe I can get
somewhere. But it has to start with WORK, not pity. These little
momements of sorrow tend to do nothing but cast doubt on my
future, when I should care about NOW. Andy Warhol once said "Don’t
think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide
if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they
are deciding, make more art." This is good advice. The greatest

Conversely, there is Rosenquist's take on being an artist: "I
think being an artist is having courage to be original. It's hard
to describe, because many great artists, including Picasso, have
all been influenced by the great master paintings, Spanish
paintings, whatever. Their art has looked like them, they've been
influenced by them, and then finally, they leap, they take off.
And then they become themselves. Then it looks like they just came
out of nowhere." 

And that is where I am. At a crossroads. At mitigation with these
two ideas, while not exactly in opposition, that are terribly
difficult to attain.